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Richard Aleksandr Derrick

Suzanne & Benji adopted Alex in Belarus On February 17, 2004.  They arrived back in New Jersey with their son on Saturday, February 21. 2004.  Do we have pictures?

Benji, Suzanne and Aleksandr

This picture was taken by another American couple (who were also adopting) and it is our 1st family photograph - taken in the dining room of the Hotel Orbita (Belarus).

Alex lived in the Slutzk Baby Home for the first 10 months of his life.

Alex and Suzanne in the hotel just after the adoption

Alex isn't quite sure what his new Daddy is doing.

I think I like this after all.

Can I bat my "baby blues" at you?

Le'me tell you about the lack of soft fuzzy toys in that Baby Home.
Back in the U. S. A.

My new 'digs in Joisy


Mom, I know that you toddled under the table with a little pig-tail on the top of your head but I don't have enough hair yet.

Le'me think - is this a 'vette or a bob sled?

Ain't I the sport?

That was pretty good chow - Mom

But, as you can see, this thing's empty



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