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David W. Barrow III - Opinions

Hi! I'm Dave Barrow. I have some opinions that I'd like to share with you.

Politics - it is a dirty job but someone has to do it
There is a Ozaukee County Supervisor who works amazingly hard to make our county government more efficient and cost effective. His name is Gustav W. "Sandy" Wirth, Jr.  I am continually amazed by the amount of time that Sandy spends in our best interests. He was widely critized for his spearheading of the new 800 MHz trunking radio system - which is now widely admired (see article at The Ozaukee County EDACS Simulcast System).
Thanks Sandy

Bumper Stickers that gave me a chuckle

What the Good LORD giveth -
The DNR* taketh away
*(DNR = Department of Natural Resources)

I'm from the government
and I have what it takes
to take what you have

I realize that it is "pushing the season" - but I can't resist...

Microsoft (to the tune of "Jingle Bells")
Nine-tenths of a Gig,
Biggest ever seen,
God, this program's awful big -
MS Word 15!

Comes on 10 CDs,
And requires - - damn!
Word is fine - but jeez -
60 megs of RAM?!

Oh Microsoft, Microsoft,
Bloatware all the way!
I've sat here installing Word
Since breakfast yesterday!

Oh Microsoft, Microsoft,
Moderation please.
Guess you hadn't noticed;
four-gig drives don't grow on trees!

Law Enforcement

After more than 30 years of being a part-time law enforcement officer I have concluded that most folks want VERY STRICT enforcement of ALL laws, rules and ordinances -
- any of those laws, rules or ordinances are being applied to them, their friends (or, in fact, anyone THEY know).

Law Making

Who was it that said: " Anyone who respects the Law and loves sausage - should not watch either of them being made! "

No regulation should EVER be passed -
unless, at the same time, 
the regulator provides the four (4) "tion" s 
(pronounce like shun)
1. Detection,
2. Prosecution,
3. Adjudication,
and (if necessary)
4. Incarceration.

Thanks for stopping by - come again!


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